Perfect pre-match, pick-me-up

Lift Glucose Shot Pre Match Boost



Perfect pre-match, pick-me-up

I train and play hockey 4-5 times every week for both my school and Doncaster Hockey Club. Lift Energy Shots are the perfect pre-match, pick-me-up and I love the Very Berry flavour. I definitely notice an improvement in my energy levels and feel that I perform better after a shot of Lift. 

Holly age 14





Volley Ball Energy


 Fuelling my game!

I joined the lift team at the start of the year after finding the product and using throughout the winter months.

The long hours on the sand and in the gym means energy levels can dwindle throughout the day and I had been looking for a fast acting way to increase my performance and keep me at the top of my game !

Whenever I feel myself loosing energy throughout a game, training or workout I will always grab a Lift tablet or glucose shot from my bag to stay at the top of my game. Lift is always there ready to give me a great tasting boost of energy when I need it most !